Recent Projects: Roller Shades

Here is an inside look at one of our recent projects. This customer chose to do double roller shades in their home and they came out beautifully and matched perfectly with their floors and other decorations. Especially in the color sense. We worked with them closely to find the best product that would also compliment their beautiful home and add on to it. These transitional roller shades are becoming very popular due to their modern look. As well as their system. The double roller system allows for full control of the amount of light that comes through. You can open the vanes in the shade at any position the shade is in, whether it be half way up or all the way down and all the spots in between. These shades also provide good privacy. When they are closed no one can see in, and in the event that someone may be really close the only thing they will be able to see is a shadow. These shades are very functional as well as modern looking and very aesthetically pleasing.

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