Why Choose Custom Window Treatments From The Window Fashion Store?

When it comes to window treatments there are many different options when it comes to buying. You have the option to go with store bought, or custom made window treatments. At The Window Fashion Store we make each and every order to be custom made to fit your needs and wants. We guarantee that you will only receive the highest quality product and the best service in all of Delray. We work closely with all of our customers to make sure that every aspect is accounted for. We will be there throughout the entire process of helping you choose the right product and design.We will guide you thought the thousands of possible options that are available for you and will provide you with the care and support to make the final decision. The support and customer service is what you do not get when purchasing store bought window treatments. Not only do we help you in the purchasing process but we also go to your home and professionally measure your windows at no extra cost to make sure that the product of your choice will fit perfectly. When the product arrives shortly, we also install the product for you, we have our own installer at The Window Fashion Store so that means that there is no need for you to go looking for an outside company to install your custom window treatments. We assure that everything goes as fast as it possibly can from the first scheduled appointment to the installation. This is why you should choose The Window Fashion Store for your custom window needs. You not only get the best quality treatments in Delray but the service that comes with it is the highest rated and the best in town. When it comes down to it, choosing The Window Fashion Store over store bought products is the way to go! Call us at 561-921-4680 or visit our Showroom for more information.

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