Child Safe Guaranteed

We carry only products from manufacturers that are top rated in Child and Pet safety. Our products are guaranteed safe and meet the highest safety standards


Extra Safe Cordless Options

Treatments with no cords for complete safety features from every angle

Child Safe Cord Release

Treatments that automatically releases cord in case of tangling or wrapping around an object

Inaccessible  Cord options

Solutions that contain cords that are not accessible from outside or are built-in to the system

Motorized Solutions

We can Motorize almost any treatment removing the need for any cords or risks

Energy Efficient 

We carry energy efficient lines of treatments that can help you save money and electricity in heating and air conditioning


Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades are one of the most energy efficient forms of window treatments on the market. They provide exceptional light and heat blockage. They create an air pocket between the glass of the window and the room. This airspace allows for heat to be kept out and the cool to be kept in. As well as the opposite in the colder months, the heat stays in and the cold air stays out. This can save a reasonable amount of money and energy all year round by reducing the amount of time that the air conditioning/heating system has to keep running.